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(medically speaking, you're adorable)

and from what i hear, cheap too.

look! naked belgians!
a little changmin bitchery!, accents, adventure time, andrew garfield's glorious eyebrows, appearing ubiquitous, arashi, archer, artistic cropping, bad indie mixtapes, chopin, coconut boba tea, coffee in inhuman quantities, community, coupling, craig ferguson, disreputable jeans, eita, epik high, erik satie, failing at photoshop, food network marathons, foreign films, freckles in fun places, gael garcia bernal, generation kill, greek archaeology, guerrilla wars with grammar, hip bones, james dean, james mcavoy, jared padalecki, ohno satoshi, osaka mating rituals, patrick sharp, pointless debates on socialism, seuki ♥, shim changmin, sigur ros, socially awkward moments, suits, supernatural, top gear, twice on weekends!, white collar, zombie apocalypse