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Stop The Cap, Pass The Word

CRTC (the administrative body that oversees television, media and internet usage in Canada) has implemented a new plan to cap internet bandwidth usage in Canada by changing internet billing to charge us by DATA USAGE. That is, we will pay by the KB. It will mean bandwidth caps will drop to, in some cases, under 25GB a month and you will be charged a $2 fee for every gig you go over. Awe-inspiringly ridiculous? I'd say so. Do we have a right to be pissed off? Yeah sure you betcha. A full description of the situation and the long reaching effects it could have on you, Canadian companies and Canada's role in the future of digital media can be found here and here. Sign the above petition, tell your friends, family, or local government official. Take out a billboard, run through the streets, whatever. But don't be complacent, Canada.

To all the non-Canadians on my list, sorry for the interruption. :)
寛貴; a cynic saying rosary.

tvxq fic: fukuoka

li dahchi
park yoochun x shim changmin
NC-17; pwp, silliness, abuse of the semi-colon.
a/n : yuchun made an argument for debauched!changmin here. i tried? this takes place during the promotion of ‘T’, wherein yoochun and changmin were sent off to conquer the south. more or less.
disclaimer: none of these events actually occurred. this is pure fiction, not meant to offend.

cross-posted at hug______ and seuki.

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심창민; stay calm carry on.

tvxq fic; not quite sinatra (but close enough)

Off for Thai food and fangirling with dreaminthepast! Weekends are too short.

not quite sinatra (but close enough)
park yoochun x shim changmin
li dahchi
rating NC-17 for language, the debauchery of grammar laws and unrepentant, pointless smut. thank you to dreaminthepast for the beta.
inspired by THIS and THIS.

x-posted to hug______, seuki and musicaloddnotes

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寛貴; a cynic saying rosary.

Fic: A (Likely) Series of Events

I posted what is my first piece of written work in nearly two years today. I had forgotten how utterly terrifying it is, particularly in a new fandom. I'm glad I got this done (or that Jun's birthday forced me to get this one done) before the others, though. I had been woe-ing around the house about how the Great and Magical Brain Thesaurus had abandoned me. This made some headway in bribing it to come back. And to think it just took a glass of wine. Or two.

A (Likely) Series of Events
Rating: R for language and sexual themes.
Pairing: Kim Jae Joong x Shim Changmin
Summary: A schizophrenic collection of scenes about falling in love. Soul rotting fluff. I have no excuse, really. For this, the occasion of dreaminthepast’s twenty fifth birthday. I hope Jae Joong makes you smile. At least once. ♥
Disclaimer: I have no connections with any of the above parties. This is done for entertainment purposes only and did not actually occur. No offence is meant.

Fake cut goes to our fanworks comm musicaloddnotes.

(Even during the early training days, it’s easy to like Kim Jae Joong; epic, novel-length tangents and strange bonding rituals included.)

I'm sorry it's not Jaeho, Jun. Actually. Wait. No, I'm not.

In other news, I had to do a job assessment today which involved, among other things, fractions. What the hell, I thought. I have seen not a single fraction since grade three. AND WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH WORKING WITH CHEESE?
동방신기; alcoholism is cheaper.

"turn right on laguna street......"

We got back to Canada at about 4 am yesterday. My room is still not unpacked from the move and it somehow got worse while I was gone so it looks like the aftermath of the Somme with a bed and a wiener dog in the middle. x_x;;

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